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BENZHI Design Consultants Co., Ltd. is an independently operated, globally oriented brand design consulting company headquartered in Taipei. We specialize in providing tailor-made, comprehensive brand services to our clients, including brand auditing and assessment, brand positioning, naming, internal brand communication, corporate identity, mascot IP, consumer product packaging, event branding, advertising, and various other visual-related designs.

Monkey Chen

Creative Director / CEO of BENZHI


Monkey Chen graduated from Yunlin University of Science and Technology with a major in Visual Communication Design. He previously worked at Dentsu and Yahoo before founding BENZHI Design Consultant Co., Ltd. in 2018.

As a comprehensive brand strategy producer, Monkey Chen is known for his highly creative approach and exceptional empathetic thinking. He possesses expertise in concept development, design, visual exploration, production, and design consulting across various domains. His design philosophy remains unwavering, focused on discovering the essence of things and exploring their potential, which has garnered him widespread recognition and acclaim. Monkey Chen has gained prominence as a representative figure among Taiwan's young generation of designers for his original designs with an international flair.

Notable awards he has received include the Golden Pin Design Best Design Award, Taiwan Top Star Award (dual gold awards), Japan Good Design Award, IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Taiwan International Graphic Design Award, and the Golden Award at the Times Young Creative Awards.

In addition to his accomplishments, Monkey Chen holds several positions and part-time roles, such as Vice Chairman of the Taiwan Graphic Design Association, Supervisor of the Taiwan Poster Design Association, Assistant Professor at Ming Chuan University's Department of Business Design, Tourism Circle Counseling Expert in Hualien, Judge for the International Student Creative Design Competition, Judge for the Asian Brand Design Award, Judge for the Taiwan Visual Design Award, Judge for the National Senior High School Skills Competition, and Brand Consultant for multiple companies.

CIS Integration Planning

Brand Diagnose

Marketing Research

Brand Strategic Planning 




Brand Identity


Application System



We follow the brand positioning and vision to establish communication strategies and identities, creating a perfect brand experience and achieving product sales and profit improvement.



We extend the brand image to various visual mediums, creating easily understandable and diverse visual expressions that leave viewers with a unique and profound impression.


Visual Design

Website Visual

Infographic Design

Motion Graphic


Giveaways Design

Book design 

Product Photography Planning



From crafting brand-minded spaces to environments, we assist in implementing spatial experiences that immerse viewers and convey the brand's value and significance.

Display Design

Booth Design

Signage Design

Information Design

Exhibition Design

Commercial Space Design


Great brands value the power of design and creativity. We not only depict extraordinary brand experiences but also envision remarkable future value. We firmly believe that keen insights and unwavering innovative spirit can imbue brands with soul and create business opportunities.

We have won major awards around the world

In addition to professional recognition

It's important to increase exposure for your brand

In recent years, we have collaborated with brands from various industries, assisting them in establishing, renovating, and strengthening their domestic brand presence or crafting unique international brand images for their overseas expansion. We are committed to providing outstanding brand integration solutions for both international and local enterprises, reshaping industry brand experiences, enhancing brand commercial value, and leading the market to set new business benchmarks continuously.

BENZHI collaborates with global clients to develop localized and internationalized partnerships, working together to co-create brand growth.


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