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A brand has personality, which can make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Brand identity or symbols can enhance consumers' memory of the brand. However, when a brand exhibits a vibrant and relatable personality akin to that of a "person," it can increase consumers' identification with the brand and attract a loyal customer base aspiring to embody this brand personality.


Brand guru David A. Aaker mentions, "A brand has personality, which can make your brand stand out from the crowd."

Harley-Davidson showcasing wild and rebellious spirit, Tiffany portraying romantic sentiments, McDonald's exuding joy and happiness, and NIKE embodying the relentless spirit of athletes – these distinct and consistent brand personalities attract a larger base of loyal fans.

In recent years, guiding many clients from various industries, we've discovered that shaping brand personality is often the weakest link for many businesses. Corporate managers may excel at goal setting, strategy development, and system design but often feel perplexed when it comes to intangible brand personalities. This is because brand personality cannot be simply brainstormed by a few planners sitting together. Once the brand personality is decided, it requires consistent maintenance, just like when a person suddenly changes from being wild and carefree to polite and gentle, leaving others puzzled, they might think that person is unwell.

Similarly, if your brand personality keeps changing and lacks consistency, for instance, promoting a lifestyle of luxury but using low-price marketing language, it can confuse customers and hinder brand loyalty. Thus, the decision-making process for brand personality must be carefully evaluated.

Not every brand has a clear brand personality, but those that do enjoy higher consumer recognition and brand equity. Shaping personality means shaping the identification with the brand.

A brand acquires personality, transitioning from being a "thing" to becoming a "person."

Is your brand persuasive enough to communicate your genuine values and vision to consumers? Does it establish a strong connection with customers and move them emotionally, thereby increasing their purchasing power? Do your employees feel inspired by your brand and understand the future direction of the market you operate in? Where should you begin if you want to seek consulting services? If you wish to seek consulting services, please contact us.



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